Natural Hoofcare Links

Marjorie Smith, Barefoot for Soundness
The best, free site for learning about normal Barefoot trimming.
Great information, no soap-boxes or ego trips, just good helpful advice and gives due credit to all of the experts working in this field.

Marjorie also offers professional natural hoofcare advice at very reasonable cost.

Cindy "Hawk" Sullivan, Tribe Equus
Interesting information on the wild horse hoof.
Cindy is a horse owner and farrier who has changed to Barefooting.
This site has the best list of barefoot trimmers.
It also promotes and links to Jaime Jackson's material.

Paige Poss, Ruth Allison and Kim Casitty,
Two great ladies who are sharing their experiences of learning professional barefoot trimming.
This site has some very clear pictures and great analogies.

Gretchen Fathauer, Treating Founder (Chronic Laminitis) without Horseshoes
This excellent site has huge amounts of information for anyone seeking answers about laminitis and founder.
Based on the work of Dr Strasser, but it does include a lot of information from other sources. The site is a bit heavy on blood and scarey coloured photos; but if you actually have a horse with chronic or acute laminitis, it is essential reading. It is an enormous site with many hours of study if you follow the whole amount of material and links.

Natural Balance Hoofcare
Gene Ovnicek, farrier: Some great stuff on trimming for Barefoot hidden in between a lot of shoeing information.
I use Gene's "Live Sole Plane Reference" (though I prefer to call it "Natural Sole Plane") all the time!!! I can strongly recommend Gene's video "Natural Balance Hoof Trimming".

Dr Chris Pollitt, University of Queensland.
Absolute world leader in research on equine feet (and a lot of other veterinary subjects).

Not for the fainthearted: Full of scientific language, but essential for in depth study:

You should also check these excellent articles by Dr Pollitt, published by

Natural Horsemanship Links

The Quantum Savvy Natural Horsemanship Programme is a unique coaching programme

that thousands of natural horsemanship students from around the world have followed
with great success to achieve their horsemanship dreams. See what QS students are doing Now!

Cynthia Cooper, Natural Horse World
Cynthia is based in Tasmania andd has been a Natural Horsmanship instructor since 1997

A visually beautifull site, with lots of news and excellent articles on natural horse training.

Lots of links to other natural training sites.


Kicking Back Ranch: Sharon and Willis Lamm
This site is one of the absolute top horse sites on the net. Over 1,100 pages of saddle horses, draft horses, BLM wild horses and burros, Survival Guide safety information, farriery, equine health, photo galleries, equestrian links & training information.

I have watched this site for years and am just in awe of the amount of good advice they give, so freely, to horse folk who want to learn.


Natural Horse Talk Lisa Ross-Williams 

Lisa is a natural horse care & horsemanship consultant, author, and host of the weekly If Your Horse Could Talk radio show.
Along with her husband, Kenny they share their small Arizona Ranch with a menagerie of animals.


Natural Horse People
A great site based in the UK with a whole world "community" natural horse keeping people...

Articles and expert advise on behaviour, nutrition well being, communication, forums and much more..




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