Hoofworks: Barefoot Basics interactive CD


This is an essential part of every Hoof person’s library and learning experience.

It is a 400page EBook, packed full of step by step trimming information, full colour photos, animations, videos and useful advice.


Many people love it just for the “Stories” section, or the article on “How to catch a horse”, or the anatomy and circulation of the equine foot, all explained in plain language so they are easy to understand and learn…

You can order it online from any of these sites…

You may pick any one of these stores, or the people you know, or the closest site to save on postage time and cost.

They are all great service stores, run by real horse people that we know and really appreciate, and they all have lots of other good products for horse people so you may enjoy window shopping them all to see if they have any other things you may like!!!

Australia Mainland: 

Shane and Meredith Ransley’s The Quantum Savvy Shop 



Australia Tasmania:

Cynthia Cooper’s Natural Horse World Shop



UK and Europe:

Tracey Sloane and Ginette Williams’ Barefoot Basics Shop


Or email sales@barefootbasics.co.uk .



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