When we are not away from home teaching, we like to keep up with some of our friends, and give advice, on two forums.

If you would like to join in or ask questions you can go directly to them
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The QS barefoot forum has members from all around the world, but mostly from Australia, the United Kingdom and Western Europe.

Shane and Meredith Ransly cover vere similar territory to me, teaching their understanding of Good Horsmanship.

I think they are terific teachers, and horse people! It has been a privilage for me to work with them, and to learn so much from them.

There are lots of folk here who have learned how to care for their own horses' hoofs and they are the best group of horsemanship students that I have met as well!

Check out the Horsmanship Questions and Success StoriesForums as well, while you are there.

No need to sign in to read the forums, but if you want to write, or ask questions, please register so we can all know who you are and where you come from.

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Q & A with the Vet: sponsored by EasyCare

This is not "our" forum but it is the opportunity to ask questions, and read other people's questions, and the brilliant, sensible answers from Dr. Tom Teskey, who I think is the best educated and most articulate "barefooter" that I have met. 

The fact that he is also a PhD Vet seems almost secondary to his practical experience, good horsemanship and common sense!

Natural Hoofcare Forum

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The NHP forum is based in the United Kingdom and we have written a lot of material there
over the past few years.

You MUST register as a user, and log in to use the forum.  (Registering is free)

then go to:  /  Share   /  Forums   /  Hoof Experts  /  Peter Laidely

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